Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Page 20

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Of course I tried the plunger thing! On a smooth wet rock, it works.


  1. Still trying to figure out what voice I'm hearing from the narrator. sounds like James Urbaniak, but I can't decide if it's The Monarch or Phantom Limb from The Venture Bros.

  2. I think he sounds a lot like Adam Harrington.... (http://www.harringtonvo.com/)

  3. Brian, what kind of feedback are you looking for this early in the story? You've got me hooked already, and my main criticism is that it takes so long for the next page to arrive! So I hope you don't take my comments as hating on your story.

    That said, 18-19 inches seems short for a plunger handle to me. A quick google search seems to show 21 and 24 inches as more common sizes. Did you measure yours?

    I also can't think of any reason why someone would bring two rakes and a plunger to re-open a buried lair. Now we see the plunger's handle, at least, is used in opening the door (although why wouldn't the rake handle work just as well?). I have to believe the rescue had to be just luck, though - no one plans to fall and brings a plunger to prevent it!

    Hopefully, you will soon show why two rakes and a plunger are vital to his plans. I'm looking forward to it.

  4. The handle of the plunger under my sink is precisely 48 cm long ;-)

    The plunger didn't have to be a plunger; he just needed something longer than 47 cm that fit inside that borehole. The plunger has to stay in place to continue locking/unlocking the door latch, while the rakes will be dedicated to . . . other tasks. Their purpose will be revealed on (checks calendar) New Year's Eve. I hope you have something more fun to do on that day than wait for a webcomic to post!

    I'm looking for any type of feedback, questions or conversation, it's all welcome! I'm glad you're hooked, don't worry about "hating." I figure anyone who really hates it just wouldn't bother reading it. I'd love to hear about anything that makes a reader say either "Wow!" or "Huh?" Also anything that makes perfect sense to me but is confusing to someone who isn't living in my head.

    I'd love to post more frequently; if I can quicken the pace at which at draw the pages, I could see going to three or more days per week. But two is realistic for now, and seems to be comparable to how many other webcomics operate.

    I'm very happy to see you here. Thanks.