Friday, April 18, 2014

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The suspense is nearly unbearable . . .

New readers and Eisner voters, welcome and thanks. I'm thrilled and honored by your visits. I wish the art in today's installment were a little more interesting, but that's the luck of the posting schedule. Please check out a few pages to get a better feel for my work.

The story of THE LAST MECHANICAL MONSTER starts here.

Some background on this webcomic and how/why I'm doing it is here.

Constructive comments are always welcome. Thanks again!


  1. NEARLY unbearable? You understate it, sir...!

  2. I can't wait to find out what happens myself!

  3. Aaarrgghh!

    I just found this comic a couple of days ago, read through it *way* too fast (I never learn), reach this nail-biting point, press 'next' and... can there be no next?

    Is it very wrong that I *need* the villain to win this anonymous battle with his faceless, unseen nemesis? What will happen if he doesn't? Will he find some way to hunt down this... this *callsign*, this collection of letters and numbers, this 36th of who knows how many radioheads?

    I'm hanging from the edge of a cliff, and not sure how long I can hang on :-)

  4. The space modulator, the space modulator!

  5. Radiohead...

    I have a suspicion, I shall wait and see if it is founded.

  6. Anon: There are MANY "nexts" coming up, just not as fast! Thanks, please come back, I'll try not to disappoint. Villainy is like life: you win some, you lose some.

    Terry: You've cracked the code, congrats! Stand by for an earth-shattering Ka-Boom.

    Mark: A lover of '90s alternative music?