Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Page 56

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  1. Poor fellow. Someone needs to educate him in the wily ways of no-holds-barred eBay sniping. I'd offer, but then I'd go onto his list...

  2. Still holding my prediction that we will know who Radiohead is...

    1. Or already know, perhaps ;)

      "I got that valve you wanted so bad, Sparky, but it was really expensive. Someone was bidding against me like a mad-man!"

    2. This is the sound of me whistling nonchalantly....

  3. What a lovely comic! I just clicked through from the beginning and enjoyed it immensely. It has a nice straight-through reading path that makes the story and art unify, in the way that a good subtitling job will make you feel you can speak the language in the film. Onward with vigor!

  4. Richard, the Inventor is (as Spock said of Khan) "intelligent but not experienced." Best to avoid The List.

    Maybe, Mark. Maybe not. Life is random, but then fiction is not life.

    Unknown, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.