Friday, April 25, 2014

Page 57

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  1. I really like the panel symmetry: how panel 9 and panel 1 relate to start and end the piece, how 2 and 8 show the coming and going, and so on. The shadowed outline of panel 2 is boss (not sure if that's the correct art term, but it really is boss).

  2. Jim, thanks for the thoughtful comment. Reminds me of one time I analyzed a page of art drawn by my pal Raina Telgemeier, complimenting her depiction of bricks at the top left and bottom right of the page to anchor the action and constrain the story, and she later told me she never intended any such thing--she just wanted to draw bricks--but appreciated the thought.

    I appreciate the thought. I totally meant to do that. And I'll take "boss" anytime.