Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Page 102

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Time to pull out your ol' red-blue 3-D specs! The effect works for me, though the colors sometimes turn a bit funky when I upload the JPEGs to Blogger.

Working on Smell-O-Vision for the next page....


  1. Your timing is eerie. I was just looking at stereo graphs of Mars last night on the NASA site and my trusty 1990s "Watch ABC in 3D" specs are still sitting next to my keyboard. Seems to work fine here!

  2. When this story is finished, are you planning a paperback or hardcover collection?

    I love this comic and think it'd be great to own the complete story.

  3. This is an amazing scene, I love the budding friendship and respect between the two...

    Great job as always

  4. Jim, eerie timing is my specialty. However, I won't take too much credit...doesn't EVERYBODY have a pair of 3-D specs sitting next to their keyboards?

    Ian, thanks a lot! I'm considering several options for The Last Mechanical Monster once it's finished, some of which require convincing other people that somebody's interested in reading it. So your comment will be a big help in that respect! If the story has a second life, my intention is to do it in full color.

    Mark, thanks! Lillian's respect for Sparky is evident, and I think he's beginning to reciprocate--though he'd never admit it to her. He hasn't had anyone he can talk shop with for a long time, if ever.

  5. Luckily I was able to find my "3-D Eclipse-O-Vision" specs right away!
    Very nice effect, Brian -- and a very nice bit of storytelling.

  6. Thanks, Nelson. Glad you found your specs; keep them handy.