Friday, September 19, 2014

Page 99

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As was Page 98, this page was originally scripted to supply dialog that, after drawing the art, I decided wasn't necessary. There's a kind of ruthless minimalism involved in making comics. At least the way I try to do them, it's all about distilling scenes/characters/actions to their essence. Streamlined. Even bits that may not seem to advance the story have a purpose--pacing, atmosphere, character development, sometimes just a breather. Sometimes they're not intended to pay off until much later. At the same time, room for text is always at a premium. I can't tell you how much time I spend trying to pare words and even individual letters, often just because it looks better. Comics are Words + Pictures, but if I can get away with no words I will. If you miss them, they'll be back next Tuesday.


  1. If you didn't tell us there had been words planned, we wouldn't have known it. As it is, I can't imagine what you'd say here that could possibly improve things, or even just not get in the way.

  2. Question on Panel 1: shouldn't the "Omni Mart" lettering be reversed, or is that not a front window of the store in the background?

    And I agree with Mike -- if you hadn't said anything, the lack of narration wouldn't be noticed. Invoking the spirit of Roy Doty is always a good idea.

  3. Thanks Mike; obviously I agreed with you! Jim, the "OmniMart" is meant as an interior sign--paint or neon on a big wall, rather than an exterior sign seen through glass. But really I just had to painlessly identify the place. Maybe I should add some other shoppers, shelves, or wall/ceiling lines to clarify that.... Something for the Director's Cut. ;-)