Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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Mark Evanier is a comics and television writer whose blog is a daily stop of mine. I've met Mark a couple of times but can't claim to know him; however, in many posts he has heatedly declared his hatred of cole slaw. All cole slaw everywhere. Panel 7 is my version of "But you haven't tried mine!" which Mark says never works for him either.

This is a good slaw--I've never had a restaurant slaw approach it. Light on the mayo, sweet and tangy. Try different vinegars to shake things up (apple cider vinegar is good). Also try adding fruit: grapes, diced apple, sliced banana.

The dressing is handed down from my Aunt Norma, whom I like to imagine learning the recipe at her mother's knee on the South Dakota dairy farm she grew up on after it was carried across the prairie by covered wagon. More likely she found it in "Good Housekeeping" magazine in 1965. I'll stick with my version of reality.