Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Page 106

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  1. I sometimes wonder if Dr. Robert Goddard had similar feelings about WWII. He died the day after Nagasaki was bombed, and a month before von Braun arrived in the US with his Operation Paperclip colleagues. The role Goddard's early research played in the development of the V-2 was virtually unknown by the Allies until 1946.

  2. I wasn't thinking specifically of Goddard, but I do think Sparky represents a generation or two of early-century science and tech pioneers who were left a bit bewildered by what they'd wrought. Things changed fast between, say, 1915 and 1945, and a lot of smart people got left behind. Orville Wright lived until 1948 but couldn't have built or flown a B-17 bomber to save his life.

    Goddard would've been 86 in July 1969. I wish he'd made it.

  3. On re-reading this, I'm thinking that in our universe Sparky would have gotten a nice new government job very quickly. I mean, fire-shooting giant drones? He would still have the same job now...