Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Page 114

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This page and the next are two more images that I envisioned from very early in the story and couldn't wait to write and draw.


  1. Great page but spell check -- I before E except after C :)

  2. Although I wonder if you did that to see who is reading? Sneaky and clever!

  3. As usual, Jim, I have no idea what you're talking about. Everything is spelled perfectly.

    (After I sneaked in and posted a corrected version.)

    Also as usual, I'm touched by your faith that I only make mistakes to see who's paying attention. Yes. Of course that's it. How perceptive of you!


  4. Well, yes, except Tchaikovsky, obviously *grin*

    Heh, right now I want to hug him and punch him - preferably simultaneously, but I'd settle for first one, then the other :D

  5. Brian,
    I continue reading this comic every day. Yes, I know that you only update Tuesday and Friday. That means I enjoy your work enough to re-read it. Frequently. This is one of your best. You manage to convey so much more than the static "bad guy" or even "evil genius".

    This comic is a story. A kind of story I'm not seeing anywhere else. It would be so easy to take the one step that ruins this by being over the top, or hold back the one detail that would make this forgettable. Thank you.

  6. Thanks, that's very nice. I'll try not to take that one step!

  7. I'm also trying to figure out the meaning behind "88315" -- a zip code near Alamogordo. Was Sparky consulted during the Manhattan Project, or did he see it as his first snub? Hmmmm...

  8. Sometimes a number is just a number . . .