Friday, November 14, 2014

Page 115

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  1. Did he just dream about the Robotic singularity and the coming revolution, or his own demise and inevitable mortality?


  2. Reading that sentence "Our flock is safe and content", my mind couldn't help asking "But when do they get taken to the abattoir?"

    Those two pages, read together, are some powerful writing. Thanks.

  3. No designated hitter? I've happily on the side of the evil megalomaniac..

  4. Brian, I'm still catching up, but I noticed you have seen my comments whenever and wherever I have left them. (Thanks for taking the time to reply; I appreciate it.) I agree with most of the evil inventor's sentiments. However, with all the time he spent in the big house, I question how he would have developed such a dislike for several of them or even been aware of some (e.g., plastic-wrapped cheese slices)... especially when you consider what he'd been eating in prison and eating canned food since (with the exception of Lilian's picnic, he's been out. Just seemed a little incongruous to me.

    Of course, that's a little trifle - your story is enthralling, and I'm savoring every strip. Thank you for making it available to us.