Friday, November 21, 2014

Page 117

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I have a little story about this page, but I can't tell it until the entire comic is done. Remind me.


  1. Is this the kind of Universe where people wear the same outfit every day, like on Dragnet? I was just wondering if Helen is going to put on the same dress she wore yesterday, or is it a different one?

  2. Somewhere in Texas.
    "Ding dong."
    "I'll get it!"
    "Hi Jim."
    "Brian! What brings you all the way out here so unexpectedly?"
    "Got some business. Here, hold this shovel."
    "And if you wouldn't mind stepping into this burlap sack?"
    "Not at all! Gee, this is fun!"
    "Now hand me back the shovel. Thanks. Hey, look, what's that behind you?!"

    Clark Kent wore the same suit for 75 years, and Charlie Brown the same zig-zag shirt for 50. I follow in their hallowed comicky tradition.

  3. Don't forget Carl Sagan. That turtleneck / corduroy jacket combo probably stood up by itself in the closet after a season of Cosmos.