Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Page 122

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  1. "Ah, ok, it's chronological. Thank you."
    I was pretty sure that Radiohead36 is Lillian. But she'd given the tube to Sparky by now.

    The robot still has the two buckets. And he did not hit anybody over the head with one. So maybe the order about the tellers has been changed, or Robbie just doesn't like it.

  2. Makes sense, right? Who could object to a chronological list?

  3. Lillian's in the upper smelting pit room. She walked in with a flashlight and then put the light down/away when she picked up the moneybag and the loose bills.

    What do you see as the lighting source for this room? Is it part of Sparky's electric light system from the upstairs robot arena? Is there natural light streaming in from somewhere? Am I thinking about this too much. No wait, I already know the answer to that last question.

  4. The light source is the same as it was in 1941! I believe the Fleischer Brothers' blueprints are on file at City Hall.