Friday, December 26, 2014

Page 127

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Happy Christmas, everyone! I hope your holiday and New Year go better than Lillian and Sparky's.

I have a small "storytelling process" story about this page. In the third panel, with the clouds, I originally drew an airplane flying overhead, trailing contrails. I decided at the last second to delete the plane. My original thought: Lillian's so jumpy she's alarmed by a perfectly innocent aircraft that might be mistaken for a flying robot. My final thought: Lillian's so jumpy she's alarmed by nothing at all.

I think it's a subtle but important difference. These are the types of storytelling points I lie awake at night mulling. Sometimes I fear it's a "forest for the trees" situation: "You were sweating a trivial drawing of an airplane while missing an obvious gaping plot/story/character problem?!" But I also think if you sweat the small stuff, it builds up into better big stuff. I dunno. Still learning as I go.


  1. Heh, probably not the smartest place to hide if she's in fear of her life (even in fear of the possibility of perhaps being threatened)... but I suppose the familiar can lend great comfort and sense of security, even if it's a false sense.

  2. "Look, up in the sky!"
    "It's a bird!"
    "It's a plane!"
    "It's nothing at all!"

  3. Brian, your "storytelling process" is just fine. I enjoy reading the speculation in the GoComics comments for the story's retelling. I sometimes want to yell "You have no idea what's coming!", but, of course, I don't. They're enjoying the story as it unfolds.