Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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The word you're looking for is "Fibonacci."

I actually do this, by the way. When I get a little rattled for some reason, I think up a simple little math sequence and run it out in my head as far as I can, just as a meditative self-diagnostic. Anybody else?


Or am I veering dangerously near supervillainy myself?


  1. I foresee your long awaited self help book, "What Color is Your Tuxedo?"

  2. Sometimes I do 2-4-8-16-32-etc. As a computer hardware guy, I love powers of two.

    Btw, is the empty box in the top middle panel supposed to indicate that he's unconscious? I wonder if putting ellipses in there might better indicate passing time?

  3. I don't usually do numbers, but I'll sometimes run through poems or similar. I particularly like to repeat "Jabberwocky" when I get panicky due to too many people on the train -- it loops well, and I find it very soothing.

  4. Thanks for the comments! Interesting and funny.

    Tim, the 2-4-8 thing is my go-to brain check, but now I've got it memorized up to 32,768 or so, so it doesn't exercise the same muscles. The empty caption box was meant to be taken as "very dazed." Your ellipsis idea is better, and you'll see I made the change. Thanks!

  5. I do fibonacci as well. Less as a calming technique (although I have), and more as something to keep my brain busy when I'm stuck somewhere without anything to read, examine, or talk to. Such as the toilet, occasionally.

  6. I feel terribly sorry for poor Sparky. Just when, for once in his life, he tries to something... well, sort of in the general vicinity or 'right' everything goes wrong.

    Is fate trying to tell him "You're a villain. Don't try to fight it"?

  7. I don't think Sparky puts much stock in Fate. I'm sure he sees himself as the captain of his own destiny, for better or worse. Typically worse.