Friday, January 23, 2015

Page 135

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  1. So... Robbie is (Sparky presumes) going to kill the library. And he (she? it?) wants to do it 'right'.

    Now does that mean "Termination with extreme prejudice" (to quote Terry Pratchett, "This procedure requires not only that the victim be inhumed in an extremely thorough way, but that the victim's associates and employees be also intimately involved, along with the business premises, the building, and a large part of the surrounding neighbourhood, so that everyone involved knows that the man has been unwise enough to make the kind of enemies who can get very angry and indiscriminate.")?

    Or does Robbie want a nice, clean kill with no collateral damage? Would he go so far as to politely but firmly escort any occupants outside before he kills the building?

    That'd be hilarious - but perhaps a bit of an anti-climax to all the tension and drama!

    I'm so looking forward to finding out.

    1. Yeah, Robbie has to be a 'he'. Can't be an 'it'!

  2. Thanks Andy! Love the Pratchett quote.

    All I'll say is that the Robot doesn't always interpret things as a human would, and is EXTREMELY task oriented.

    Lillian calls the Robot "he"; Sparky calls it "it."