Friday, April 24, 2015

Page 161

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New readers and Eisner voters! Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it. If you'd like to catch up, I recommend beginning with my story's Preface before going on to Page 1. It's a pretty quick read.

You can use the links above to navigate, or click on each page to advance to the next.

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  1. I just came over from Metafilter and spent the morning reading the entire series to date. Wonderful storytelling! I'm just a little sad because it looks like we may be approaching the end of the story.

  2. I honestly don't know what to hope for.

    The hero's (or villain's?) death, alone as he always has been, doing the one thing he truly loved?

    Or the hero's victory, lauded for his triumphs, his discoveries, and... then what? What could his life be then?

    The other ending, the villian's arrest and punishment after finally doing one good deed... well, I suppose there could be a sort of nobility to that.

    I think this story has been brilliantly crafted to lead up to the next few pages, and whatever they are, I'm sure they will be storytelling at its height.

  3. Just discovered this via MeFi and have been binge reading the entire run. Weird whiplash suddenly for there to be no instantly available next. To be stopped short. Sensing the remaining comics are numbered.

    Edit:In order to post I had to prove I'm not a robot. Mechanical monsters can't catch a break anywhere.

  4. Tony and Anonymous, thanks for looking in and catching up. The end of the story is nearing, but look at it this way: you didn't have to wait 17 months to reach it.

    Andy, your comments always mean the world to me. Nobody wants all my characters to get what they want more than I do, but as the philosopher Jagger once said: you can't always get what you want, but you might just find you get what you need." I'll do my best!