Saturday, May 30, 2015

And So My Robot Army Begins

Following last Tuesday's finale of "The Last Mechanical Monster," I offered readers a parting gift of everything they needed to build their own giant Art Deco Robots (ahem, out of paper) and invited them to share their results.

The first minions have reported in.

Friends O' The Feature Jim and Nancy O'Kane sent this photo of the Robot's papercraft plans displayed on their iPad. I wouldn't normally count that as an official "build"; however, in this case they were standing in front of Monet's "Water Lilies" at the Musee de L'Orangerie in Paris while on their honeymoon. So I think that counts. I also think, as I told them, they need to reevaluate their priorities. ("Hey Jim! Look behind you!")

What, they don't have scissors and glue in France?!

My daughters Robin and Laura were my very first minions, and remain among my most loyal. Still, it was a surprise to receive their transmission in my secret subterranean lab this morning.

What I need to explain first is that my girls are creative, crafty sorts who also love the Marvel superhero movies. They've gifted each other a couple of those incredibly detailed high-end action figures that so eerily capture the likenesses of the characters/actors that you're afraid they've trapped their souls. Possible spoilers for the next "Avengers" movie ahead:

That whole Ultron death-bot thing didn't work out so well for Tony Stark in the last movie, but I'm sure this'll go better.

A quick spray-coat of high-gloss candy-apple red and he'll be good to go.

You truly wouldn't believe how gleefully giddy these photos made me.

If you build it, I'd love to post a photo. The plans are here.

* * *

Quick Mentions: Lots of Facebook friends and real-life friends are supporting "The Last Mechanical Monster" by voting for it as Best Digital/Web Comic in the Eisner Awards. If you're pro in comics or a related field (bookseller, educator, librarian, journalist, editor) you can vote at by Monday, June 1.

Also, pal Mike Peterson had some nice parting words for my comic at his Comic Strip of the Day site (see May 29th's post). Mike's a great essayist who's always worth a read.

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