Monday, July 27, 2015

Robot Army Still Recruiting

I confess that my efforts to amass a robot army for world domination haven't gone as quickly as I'd hoped. Still, allies report in from time to time with very encouraging progress. Henchman First Class Roy W. sent me these photos of his recruit.

Roy writes: "My son bookmarked your comic for me, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to try and build your paper Robot.  I used screws and nuts for the joints, with pieces of soda straw inside to keep from crushing the joint when I tighten the screw.  Epoxy holds the five inside nuts in place, to make assembly and screw tightening easier.

"I'm not as old as Sparky, but I am old enough to relate to him quite well.  My college electronics course only involved vacuum tubes, inductors, capacitors, and resistors.  There were no computers or calculators available, only slide rules and long-hand arithmetic."

He adds that he plans to display his late wife's Christmas village for the holidays, and add the Robot to the festive scene. "Perhaps he can rob the casino or the cookie shop, or just sit on a house."

That's the sort of evil scheme we here at HQ can fully support and endorse.

Many thanks to Roy and his son, who introduced him to "The Last Mechanical Monster." It was a genuine treat to get your e-mail; thank you for your time and your kind words.

If you'd like to build your own Art Deco Mechanical Monster, all you need are a few sheets of cardstock and a printer. I provide the rest right here.

Thanks again, Roy!


  1. Brian, your work is amazing. I just found it because it was mentioned on Geek & Sundry today.
    I have to say the whole concept of this is absolutely enthralling to me. I am only on Sept 30th of 2014 (page 102) but I am absolutely loving this and the artwork...i wish there were more artists like this to be honest.

    Okay i'm going to stop gushing here and just say thanks. :)

    1. well i finished this...i'm sad that it is finished...

      also, is there a hardcover or hard copy of this i can purchase somewhere?

  2. PlasticArmyMan (great name), thanks for joining the party, even if late. So glad you enjoyed it. There isn't currently a printed version available, but if things go as I hope that'll change. If so, the print version will be full color. Thanks again!

  3. Brian, I regret to say that I did not comment on your story earlier, but I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the way you took the Fleischer cartoon as a starting point and then asked what happened after the villain of the piece got out of prison. Very imaginative!

    I also like how you pointed out that super-genius criminals could make a lot more money by selling their inventions rather than stealing. If only Silver-Age Luthor hadn’t had that grudge against Superman!

  4. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting, Hank!

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