Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Welcome Comic-Con

Comic-Con International in San Diego fast approaches, and with it The Last Mechanical Monster's running for an Eisner Award for Best Digital/Webcomic. That'll be announced Friday night.

Also with it is a flurry of interest in my comic from new visitors. If you're one of them, thanks and welcome! The Last Mechanical Monster began in November 2013 and concluded 170 pages later in May 2015.

The story begins here.

It ends here (but why would you begin at the end?).

And the "Webcomic Archive" to the right will take you to any page between.

Also, I wrote up a little Author's Note/FAQ explaining what I was up to.

Win or lose (and I don't expect to win), earning an Eisner nomination for The Last Mechanical Monster two years in a row is a tremendous honor that means a lot. Even better are the readers who've taken the time to comment, critique, and enjoy the story.

I hope you enjoy my story about a very old man, his giant Robot, and some thoughts about how we'll be remembered by what we leave behind. I enjoyed making it very much.


  1. You should have won, Brian. And we're thankful for having come across LMM for one of our webcomics episodes from earlier this year!

  2. Hey, thanks, you're the best! I appreciate it.