Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Welcome, New Readers

You've found The Last Mechanical Monster, a recently completed, Eisner-nominated webcomic. Thanks for checking it out.

The story begins here and ends here (my recommendation: begin at the beginning!). The "Webcomic Archive" to the right will take you to any page between.

Also, I wrote up a little Author's Note/FAQ explaining what I was up to. To answer a frequently asked question not covered in that FAQ, I do hope to see The Last Mechanical Monster in print and am working to make that happen. If it does, it'll give me a chance to provide full color throughout (rather than the partial color of this "work in progress" draft).

When you're done, use those last few archive links (following "Coda") to check out some of the papercraft Mechanical Monsters that readers have built using the plans I provided here. I sincerely think they're just about the best thing ever, and really appreciate the time folks took to do that.

I hope you enjoy my story about a very old man, his giant Robot, and some thoughts about how we'll all be remembered by what we leave behind. I enjoyed making it very much.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Last Mechanical Marionette

Reader Richard B. wrote to say he enjoyed The Last Mechanical Monster and was inspired to build a marionette of the Robot for his grandson. It's made of wood, and in these photos the strings aren't yet attached.

What a neat design! I'll bet it looks great in action. Thanks, Richard.